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Summer Reading List:
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The Sight Word Song

Sight Words

Sight Word Rap

Sight Word Song Collection

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Rock-n-Learn Long Vowel 

Long Vowel Song

"Sets" are the leveled readers we have been using with your child at school.  Your child should be reading books from the sets below everyday.  Your child's teacher will be notifying you of the appropriate reading level (set#) to use, or your student might know which set s/he is in.  If not, ask your child to read the first book in each set.  When you get to a book that your child struggles with, go back and start with the prior set (i.e. If your child struggles with the first book in set 4, go back and read each of the books in set 3 in order.)  Students should read each book several times until they can read it smoothly, without errors, and be able to talk about what the book was about.  This may take one day, or several days.  The "sets" are used to determine the words your child is learning also (see lists below). 

If you do not hear from your teacher, or if you have additional questions, please feel free to email her. The email addresses are at the top of the weekly lessons and on the staff page of this website.
These books are to b
e read independently.  Do not read them to your child.

 SET 1 Books with QR Codes, links and words.pdf

SET 2 Books with QR Codes, links and words.pdf
SET 3 Books with QR Codes, links and words.pdf
Set 4 Books with QR Codes, links and words.pdf
Set 5 Books with QR Codes, links and words.pdf
Set 6 Books with QR Codes and links.pdf

Choose at least one of these writing units to complete each week.
Writing Alligators Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf
Writing Ducks Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf
Writing Earthworms Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf
Writing Elephants Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf
Writing Lions Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf
Writing Monkeys Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf
Writing Penguins Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf
Writing Robin Bird Nonfiction Unit 6.pdf

Phonics Videos:
Blends with "L"
Blends with "R"
Blends with "S"

Reading CVC Words
Controlling "R" Song
Work Out with Bossy R

Learning Digraphs
Digraph Song
Silent "e" video
Vowel Sound Workout

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Set 1 High Requency Word List.docx
Set 2 High Requency Word List.docx
Set 3 High Requency Word List.docx
Set 4 High Requency Word List.docx
Set 5 High Requency Word List.docx

Grade 1 Writing Activities

Don't forget to see the learning activities on the "Specials" page for Art, Music, Gym, Library, and Science

Flip the sound poster English and Spanish.pdf
Questions to ask your child when reading English and Spanish.pdf
Reading Tips for Parents Grade 1 English from Colorin Colorado.pdf

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