Grade 2
Learning Activities and Zoom Schedule for the final week of 2nd grade have been posted in Unified Classroom and Class Dojo. 

Summer Reading List:
Summer Reading Grade 3.pdf

Careers and Jobs - Day 1 Monday.pdf

Careers and Jobs - Day 2 Tuesday.pdf

Careers and Jobs - Day 3 Wednesday.pdf

Careers and Jobs - Day 4 Thursday.pdf

Careers and Jobs - Day 5 Friday.pdf

Keep the learning going, sign up for Summer School now!
Registration is first come, first serve and is limited so please respond ASAP.

Summer School Invitation and Registration Form.pdf
Invitación a la escuela de verano y documento de registro.pdf

To register or to ask questions about summer school please click below to email:
Kevin White, Summer School Coordinator

2nd Grade Requirements for Credit .pdf

Time Spent On Each Subject.pdf

Don't forget to see the learning activities on the "Specials" page for Art, Music, Gym, Library, and Science

 Grade 2 Writing Activities