Grade 4

Summer Reading List:
Summer Reading Grade 5.pdf

Week of June 15-19 (Final Week of School)
Please check in with your teachers via Unified Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Class Dojo, or ZOOM and join your classmates for fun activities planned by your teachers for this final week of school.

This is the list of the recommended daily activities to complete, on top of 15 minutes of iReady reading and 15 minutes of iReady math per day. Also, to be sure that the iReady standards mastery assessments are completed!

Final Week 2020.pdf

Monday- Complete End of Year Reflection ( see Attached)

Tuesday- Zoom Riddles 

Wednesday- Write a letter to next year's Fourth Graders. Be ready to share at Zoom Meeting tomorrow!

Thursday- Zoom ( be prepared to share 5 things you learned in Math and ELA and your best memory this year)

Friday- Share End of Year Book

REMINDER: Students since you will be borrowing your computers during the summer-be sure you continue to work on iReady reading and iReady math throughout the summer to help you for the next school year!

Have a great & safe summer!!

In addition to your weekly and required lessons you must complete 45 minutes of iReady math and 45 minutes iReady reading each week. 

Reminder: The daily lessons must be done. They will help and support student learning but the required assignments must be submitted to teachers weekly. 

Week of June 8-12, 2020
Assignments checklist week 10.pdf

Week 10 Day 1.pdf

Week 10 Day 2.pdf

Week 10 Day 3.pdf

Week 10 Day 4.pdf

Week 10 Day 5.pdf

Week of June 1-5, 2020

Week 9 Checklist.pdf

Week 9 Day 1.pdf

Week 9 Day 2.pdf

Week 9 Day 3.pdf

Week 9 Day 4.pdf

Week 9 Day 5.pdf

Week of May 26-29
Assignments checklist week 6 - 8.pdf

Week 8 Day 1.pdf

Week 8 Day 2.pdf

Week 8 Day 3.pdf

Week 8 Day 4.pdf

Week of May 18-22
Assignments checklist week 6 and 7.pdf

Week 7 Day 1.pdf

Week 7 Day 2.pdf

Week 7 Day 3.pdf

Week 7 Day 4.pdf

Week 7 Day 5.pdf

Week of May 11-15
Week 6 Required Assignments .pdf

Week 6 Day 1.pdf

Week 3 Day 2.pdf

Week 3 Day 3.pdf

Week 6 Day 4.pdf

Week 6 Day 5.pdf

Week of May 4, 2020
Week 5 Day 1.pdf

Week 5 Day 2.pdf

Week 5 Day 3.pdf

Week 5 Day 4.pdf

Week 5 Day 5.pdf

Week of April 27, 2020
Week 4 Day 1.docx

Week 4 Day 2.docx

Week 4 Day 3.docx

Week 4 Day 4.docx

Week 4 Day 5.docx

Week 3 Letter.pdf

Week 3 Day 1.pdf

Week 3 Day 2.pdf

Week 3 Day 3.pdf

Week 3 Day 4.pdf

Week 3 Day 5.pdf

Grade 4 Writing Activities

Prompts for Writing- Gr 3-5.docx

Don't forget to see the learning activities on the "Specials" page for Art, Music, Gym, Library, and Science.


Girls on the Run Activities  Password: StrongerTogether123!

Learning From Home Activities Gr 4 3-30-2020.docx

Week 2 Day 1.docx

Week 2, Day 2.docx

Week 2, Day 3.docx

Week 2, Day 4.docx

Week 2, Day 5.docx