Kindergarten Fun Week.pdf

Summer Reading List:
Summer Reading Grade 1.pdf

The Sight Word Song

Sight Words for Kindergarten

Sight Word Rap

Sight Word Song Collection

Rock-n-Learn Long Vowel 

Long Vowel Song

Stretchy the Word Snake

Blending Words

Letters Make Words

The Reading Machine

"Sets" are the leveled readers we have been using with your child at school.  Your child should be reading books from the sets below everyday.  Students should start with set 1, week 1.   Students should read each book several times until they can read it smoothly, without errors, and be able to talk about what the book was about.  This may take one day, or several days.   (If your child can read all the books in the sets below easily, please go to set 3 on the grade 1 page.)
These books are to be read independently by the students.  Do not read them to your child.  Do not move on to a new book until the student can read a book smoothly and talk about the story.

SET 1 Books with QR Codes, links and words.pdf

SET 2 Books with QR Codes, links and words.pdf

Rhyming Word Families
Do They Rhyme?
I Love to Rhyme

Digraph Song
Learning Digraphs

Letters Get Down Reggae Remix

The Vowel Family
The Vowel Song- Long and Short Vowel Sounds
Vowel Sound Workout

Kindergarten Writing Activities

Don't forget to see the learning activities on the "Specials" page for Art, Music, Gym, Library, and Science.

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K Learning Activities Weeks 5 and 6.pdf

K Learning Activities Weeks 3 and 4.pdf

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